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Donat Mg
the history of Rogaška Slatina
therapies through time

The history of Rogaška Slatina

What distinguishes us

  • tradition, 
  • natural factors, 
  • first–rate professional expertise, 
  • individual programmes, tailored to each person.

The unique composition of Donat Mg natural mineral water remains the main reason why Rogaška Slatina has been a popular European health spa for centuries, specialized in the treatment and relief of chronic gastroenterological, metabolic (diabetes, high level of blood fat, excess body weight), managerial and psychosomatic diseases.

The Medical Centre Rogaška has combined unique natural sources, a 400–year tradition and all the modern medical knowledge into a wonderful harmony, as well as developed superior expertise and professionally supervised programmes, which can be offered with love and joy to all of us who are aware of the meaning of caring for our health, soul and spirit.

Comprehensive, friendly and professional medical treatment is what the greatest amount of emphasis is placed on. This is how we in Rogaška fulfil our vision of being the leading health spa in Slovenia, which meets your needs through a harmonious approach to treatment and relaxation and specially tailored programmes to cater for each individual.

For your complete well–being, we offer the following methods of treatment and relaxation:

  • drink treatment with the unique Donat Mg mineral water, 
  • balneotherapy, 
  • physical therapy, 
  • Jacobson's progressive relaxation technique, 
  • diet food.

An interesting fact

The Medical Centre Rogaška has always hosted visits by members of imperial families (Habsburg, Bonaparte, Hohenzollern, Bourbon, Obrenović, Karađorđević), high nobility (Esterhazy, Turn und Taxis, Della Grazia, Furstenberg, Windischgraetz, Liechtenstein) and other important guests (the writer Berta von Suttner, the musician Franz Liszt).